Time Attendance System
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"Time Attendance & HRMS System"


Employee Master creation
Employee user profile creation
Department creation and all parameters
Department Access rights

Work Rule

User friendly interface for work rule
Easy linking of Shift to the days in the work rule
Adding multiple shift in a day
Picking up of shift Automatically rather than rostering the shift


Creating N number of shifts
Adding parameters for shift
Taking first Swipe and last swipe option
Auto picking shift

Time Tech Shift Setting Shift/Work Rule 100% reliable

Creating N number of shifts
Taking first Swipe and last swipe option
Auto picking shift
Overtime Segregation based on the time and days
Grace periods and minimum OT
Handling of over day shift
Handling of flexi rules.
Handling of break hours
Easy way to set special shift like Ramadan or mothers feeding shift or work rule for a particular period
Auto resetting back to base work rule once the special period is over

Duty Roster & Setting Annual Leave or other Reasons

System can preschedule the different shift for a particular period
Option to upload duty roster from a csv file
Auto resetting back to base work rule once the special period is over
Pre posting or Post Posting of Annual Leaves or other leaves for specific dates
Easy way of cancelling the set reasons

Daily Work Sheet

Processed Attendance against each work rule set for employee
Manual editing of Attendance with full log history and original machine swipe not getting affected
Separate red * mark for manually Edited records in reports
Easy way of resetting attendance if there was wrong in editing
HR remarks and employee remarks for any exception can be recorded
Attachment of scanned document for Medical Leaves ETC
Excuse Requests
Employee can submit explanation for the missing hours, and request gets escalated to the manager for approval or rejection.

Online Features

Quick reference of ON Duty Staff, OFF Duty, Late entry and Early exit staff as of current day
Automatic downloading and processing of attendance from the terminal
There is no manual interruption required before seeing the reports

Security Features

User access can be restricted to each program level
Department head or co coordinator can see their department staff attendance records
Multiple department access right
Each employee can access the application with their ID and password
Employee can chose their password

“Time Tech Special Reports”

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Attendance Status of Employees
Time Card Reports
Periodical Attendance reports
Edited Attendance Log details
Attendance Summary
Total Attendance summary
Exceptional reports
Late and Early Exit reports
Over Time Reports
Graphical Analysis reports
Summary reports

ProjectWise Manhour

Project Master creation
Assigning projects to employees
Marking project start time and end time for each project
Assigning break hours to succeeding project
Project wise man hour summary sheet
Employee wise project summary
Employee wise project details

Other Features

Holiday Setting
Reason creation
Easy to reprocess
Whenever data comes it get processed same time, unlike no need to wait for next day to get processed
At any point of time users can know who are all present and Absent

Email Notifications

Notifications for Absent, Late Entry, Early exit and missing swipe to employees email
Summary Notifications for Absent, Late Entry, Early exit and missing swipe to Department head and HR
Sending by email Previous day attendance to the department head and HR

Employee Self Service

Employee can login with employee ID and see their attendance reports only
Option to choose the password by themselves
To their Exception records
To send the Leave request and to see the status
Upcoming holidays
Notice Board

Over Time

Overtime (OT) approval/rejection
OverTime amoount calculation

TimeTech Mobile App-(IOS/Android)

“Time Tech - Mobile Attendance app with 100% location accuracy”
Geo Fencing the locations
Allocating geofenced location against the employees
Clock IN Clock out through Selfie photo from mobile
Clock IN Clock OUT through QR Code scanning and photo capturing
Option to see the attendance logs
Leave request, Leave Balance and details
Overtime Request and details
Excuse request (Late Entry, Early Exit and Break hours) and details
Missing swipe entry request
Future excuse request and details
Time in Lieu Request
Dthree -TimeTech Mobile App
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