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Digital Display Solution

Digital signage is used to display multimedia content in public places in the most effective manner. They usually make use of LCD/ plasma displays for the same. These digital displays are very much useful for information and advertisement purposes. Content Management can be done for single display or group of displays. Management Software is simple, easy to use, runs on windows platform, compatible with ordinary office computers, as long as the management computers are network-enabled that can be managed through permissions set to meet more than one management terminal to take control of the entire system in a different regions.

  • Vertical Signage Displays
  • Virtual Interactive Book/eBook
  • LED Display
  • IP Power Controller

Vertical Display

Available in different sizes starting from 42"
Vertical Stand with Vertical or horizontal Displays
Full HD and 4K
Aspect Ratio 16:9 or 4:3
Long Life high brightness LED Screen
Metal Frame + Toughened glass
Black, Silver or customized color
Designed for 24/7 operation
Built in Windows or Android OS
Built in Wi-Fi, Ethernet module and speakers
Remote Control
Touch Screen (Optional)
Stand-alone or Centralized Management Application (Optional)
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dthree Vertical_Signage

Virtual Interactive Book/eBook:

The Virtual Interactive Book / EBook developed by D3 has a convex projection screen and is a desk representation system. Our EBook manufacturers have designed it exceptionally in the form of an authentic book. It never failed to impress the customers because of its graceful shape and unique design. Its transparent design with a fine acrylic body is an another attraction. Being the top eBook manufacturer in Bahrain and UAE, D3, always maintained their product's good quality and performance. The EBook is one of the most powerful interactive systems. Users can feel the real book and browse the pages in very simple manner. It is a simple but typical application of the Interactive System. Users move their hands to turn pages of a projection book. The EBook manufacturers have developed it in such a way that it supports all kinds of content formats including texts, images, SWF videos etc. The constant increase in EBook usage nowadays has led to new innovations in this area.
Can be used in: Museum, Exhibition, Events, Showrooms, Education

Why Choose Interactive E-Book from D3?

Leading eBook manufacturer in Bahrain and UAE
Advanced Hardware Features
Compact System
Customizable solutions
Rear Projection, users can feel the interactivity more than the front projection (i.e. No Hand shadow, higher picture quality … etc.)
Projector and screen with the sensors in one model can be moved easily with no more efforts
Products are Highly Reliable

LED Display

LED Display | LED Screen | Middle-East | Europe

LED is the smallest unit that can be for the displays to make the biggest displays in a full and high brightness to be viewed from long distances. This type of product and solution can be used outdoor with fully weather proof and indoor as well. With the range of Pitch sizes (4mm to 20mm) we can design any style and shape required and deliver all across Bahrain, Oman & UAE. D3 also provide the integration and the customizations to match the customer requirements

Only the Best Components:

Good recipes starts with high quality ingredients, we only use the best components available on the market

Superior Color Uniformity:

We use First Selection LEDs (top 10%) With 5 Nanometers tolerance in color wavelength, to ensure 100% color uniformity

Realistic and Vivid Images:

Our frontal system is designed to provide the highest contrast ratio and color brightness. So images are authentic and life like

Perfect Colors Even in Sunlight:

Display system provides the perfect white even in sunlight, when other screens look pink

Increased Image Quality:

Show more details on the same surface with our HDV pixel technology

The Master LED Software Customization:

Customized Software’s are developed based on client requirements

Display Types

Ticker-Single Line Series for Stores and Information Purposes
Multi Line Series for Stores and Information Purposes

DIP Power Controller

Dthree provides efficient and customised IP Power Controller system that can control the power supply of your electronic devices like computer, server, cctv, etc. Usage of such Web Based power controller system also help to save manpower and time.

Fully customized controller board

When the readymade product cannot do what the customer needs to control the power, D3 ready to design, fabricate & integrate the equipment’s required

Remote Power Management

The understanding and utilizing the IP technology allow us to create ideas to make the power controlling can be done remotely and no need for physicals access to the site

Reducing the time and the efforts

By using simple web based interface (GUI) and easy to use and to configure, the customer can control the power with less efforts and easiest way

AC or DC voltage

The power controller can manage the AC or DC voltage.

High or Low Ampere

High or Low Ampere

Power controller Types

  • Web Power Switch
  • Ethernet power
  • Controller
  • Web based DIN Relay
  • Industrial power switch

Applicable Fields

  • Industrial machines
  • Remote sites
  • Data Centers
  • Building power management
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